Wednesday, September 9, 2009

El Morocco

Polvadera, New Mexico

The Desert Ghost Bar

Sunsets Over Socorro, New Mexico

On most evenings around here the backroad between Escondido, NM and the EMRTC facility offers up a nightly light show at sunset...

Great cloud formations...

"M" Mountain (7,243 ft.), which overlooks Socorro, NM offers a great backdrop for sunsets...

Even the Ladron Mountains (9210 ft.) 30 miles to the north can be seen in the distance from this backroad....

So, if you're ever passing through Socorro, NM in the evening hours, take the Escondido exit off I-25 then head west....

...and enjoy the show.

A city man is at home anywhere, for all big cities are pretty much alike. But a country man has a place where he belongs, where he always returns, and where, when the time comes, he is willing to die.

Edward Abbey

Highway to Heaven

Backroad between Escondido and Lemitar New Mexico
Ladron Mountains in the distance.
Elevation: 9,210 feet.

Canyons of Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Although I try to stay out of "Burque" as much as possible, if forced to go, it never fails to offer up plenty of photographic delights.

Even during a quick visit downtown...

Albuquerque. I take the Central Avenue exit, the old road, the traditional thoroughfare through what was once -- long ago -- the heart of the city. Trying hard to work up a twinge of nostalgia. Hard work, for the city that I loved has disappeared.

The Fool's Progress
Edward Abbey

Albuquerque's Top 10 Attrations

As much as my wife and I like to take advantage of the airport, malls, entertainment, etc, that the "Duke City" has to offer, it's always good to get back home to Socorro.

No offense Albuquerque.